GYMKHANA – Autocross and Drifting


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GYMKHANA – Autocross and Drifting

Gymkhana can best be summed up as a hybrid of autocross and drifting. Utilizing a pre-defined course outlined by cones, a driver races against the clock. Whereas the purpose of an autocross is to achieve a fluid motion without losing traction, Gymkhana emphasizes vehicle momentum via drifting through the turns. Gymkhana’s courses are more complex and tighter than autocross courses with the addition of obstacles including figure 8’s, pointer cones (to perform 360’s), handbrake style turns and loop-back slaloms to name a few. Key attributes to setting good lap times are vehicle preparation, driving techniques and course memorization. As a result, Gymkhana caters to all types of vehicles from factory stock Toyota Corollas to modified Dodge Vipers.

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