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Tagged with " OCC"

American Chopper Biker Build-off

Nov 9, 2012   //   by Jeff C.   //   Car Related TV/Movie  //  Comments Off

Orange County Choppers, Paul Jr. Designs, Grease Monkey Garage, and Jesse James, all in a Discovery Channel Biker Build-off. Stay tuned, the upcoming episode is going to set rating records, no doubt!

Paul Jr. Designs and OCC Production Bike

Oct 22, 2012   //   by Jeff C.   //   Car Related TV/Movie  //  Comments Off

Paul Jr. Designs (Paul Jr.) and Orange County Choppers (Paul Sr.) on the October 22nd episode of American Choppers discussed possibly building a production bike. With a little of the Paul Jr. and OCC flavor.

Update: It seems old memories are quickly being brought up with the way Sr. and Jr. want to manage the build. It’s not looking like a production bike will be built any time soon.

Paul Senior and Junior build a bike

May 21, 2012   //   by Jeff C.   //   Car Related TV/Movie, Car Shows by State  //  Comments Off

The season finale of American Choppers ends with Senior calling Junior and offering to build a bike together, for charity. What does American Choppers hold for the future of Paul Sr., Paul Jr, OCC, and PJD? Stay tuned…